Three Legged Race: "Persuasive Barrier"

Three Legged Race:

Co-founder of Hair Police and frequent member of Burning Star Core, Robert Beatty has added another Three Legged Race LP to the decade of noise cred under his belt. On "Persuasive Barrier", Beatty layers wandering lead melodies, bursts of squiggling synth, and percussive blips straight from the Perrey and Kingsley school of Pop Synthesis into something resembling a "song" (right?), before capping things off with a muffled vocal anticlimax. Despite the classicist pallette wrung from a mass-marketed Radioshack Moog, his skewed song-craft and attention to tonal detail fit him with other future-friendly synth-slingers like Oneohtrix Point Never and Bee Mask. Being a prolific visual artist and album cover guru, Beatty's visual aesthetic-- on display above-- perfectly matches his sound: a blend of the familiar with the otherworldly, life above ground vs. the murk bubbling only a few layers below.

Persuasive Barrier is out now on Spectrum Spools.

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