Tenniscoats: "Mosha Mosha Mo"


Over the past decade and a half, Tokyo's Tenniscoats have perfected a pastoral version of psychedelia, oscillating freely between peaceful pondering and waggish whimsy with strong senses of humor and melody remaining driving forces throughout. Even more of a testament to keyboardist/vocalist Saya and guitarist Takashi Ueno's versatility is their ability to coexist with a variety of talent-- their collaborative album with Scottish pop outfit The Pastels or Saya's solo one-off with Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki being prime examples. Here on their latest album for Chapter, All Aboard!, the duo compose a leaner, freewheeling rock version of their sound by joining forces with legendary Japanese drummer Ikuro Takahashi, whose work with trippy folk icons like High Rise, Nagisa Ni Tem and Fushitsusha make him more than a heavenly match. The shuffling flower child blues of "Mosha Mosha Mo" and its walking bass line, gentle MIDI flutes, and hook-laden whistling are perfectly propelled by Ikuro's addition to the normally percussion-less line-up. It's a head nodder bouncing by with relaxed cool, the tight, hypnotic rhythm fooling you into a favorite dream: Stereolab's field trip to the Japanese countryside.

All Aboard! comes out July 6th on Chapter Music

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