Teith: "Build Me a Tower and Give Me a Gun"


Are you familiar with You Are Listening? It's an online sound experiment that plants a bed of ambient music under police scanner chatter, providing a sort of experiential aural footprint of a city as a living, breathing entity. Imagine if you shifted the more aquatic tones of that experiment toward squealing, Albini-approved, sustain-heavy noise rock. That somewhat accurately captures the vibe of Teith's "Build Me a Tower and Give Me a Gun." The static of their native Chicago catapults velvety guitars and janky percussion miles above the grid pattern, flying high with the likes of Fly Pan Am and Rodan. Teith features the incomparable Trevor de Brauw-- of Pelican and Chord-- wife Lisa Shelley, graphic artist Billy Baumann, and Joshua Grubman, all of whom seem to have enough affinity for the near west side neighborhood to name their debut Humboldt Park-- a destination for buoyant space rock and good ass Mexican food. The catch with Teith is that they're not around anymore... this is a long awaited debut released after their 2010 breakup. I think I can appreciate the Tarantino/Nolan nature of this career trajectory. Enjoy "Build Me a Tower and Give Me a Gun," an instrumental that's both majestic and, ahem, has teeth (sorry I had to), and stream/buy the album via Migration. -- The Decibel Tolls

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