Taraka Larson: Now Age Lecture

By now we are all aware of Taraka and Nimai Larson, the sisters behind the psychedelic band Prince Rama. Many of us have heard the song off their latest album, entitled "Welcome to the Now Age". But what is not so well-known is that the Now Age is more than a song, it's a philosophy.

For January's Target First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum, Taraka gave a lecture on this philosophy, which began with a discussion on the devolution of the cross and the triangle into kitsch (kitsch being a symbol divorced from its original historical context) and continued onto an examination of the mirrorball as panopticon ("the closest thing the Now Age has to a deity" as it does not create but only reflects) and Now Age aesthetics, which seek to embrace the potential of beauty through the rejection of actual beauty. It would be hard to imagine Taraka simply speaking in front of an audience for an hour, and the lecture did not disappoint. It included dancing, face paint, and a lot of glitter.

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