TALsounds: "Talk Alone"


As TALsounds, Natalie Chami (one third of Good Willsmith, one half of l’éternèbre) makes gentle, meditative music, often improvised and recorded live with no overdubs. Her process feeds into the tone of the music; pieces unfold with deliberation, patience, and a casual sense of chaos. “Talk Alone,” the first single from her upcoming full-length on Hausu Mountain, divines these qualities in a more pop-oriented structure. A circular piano phrase is overcome with cascades of flickering noise. Chami’s reverb-heavy vocals layer and loop to almost nauseating effect. Still, it’s the song’s final moment-- in which the song suddenly bulges then turns inside out-- that is most strange and breathtaking.

All The Way is out May 26 on Hausu Mountain.

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