TALsounds: "Raw Discourse"


Sky Face, the new cassette from Chicago-based TALsounds-- the solo project of Good Willsmith member Natalie Chami-- is a gorgeous but often chaotic listen. Chami's layering of synths and vocals frequently becomes beautifully overwhelming-- the chaos in "Raw Discourse" creeps up on you though. It builds deceptively, as Chami keeps adding abstract synth lines, multiplied and improvised vocals, and, eventually, echoing percussion to the mix without really announcing any of the new parts. Over its eight minutes, "Raw Discourse" proves a good stand-in for the rest of Sky Face, presenting a varied and mulitplicitous approach to crafting semi-challenging, other-worldly drone.

Sky Face is out now on Notes and Bolts. Get it while it's hot-- it's in an edition of 100.

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