Suzuki Junzo: "Eight-Sided Infinity"

Suzuki Junzo:

Happy Friday-- get your ear cilia ready for a tickling by the realest jams courtesy of guitar man, Suzuki Junzo, of latter-day Japanese Psych titans, Minimokoto. The first and titular track is archetypical J-Psy courtesy of skin-beater Ikuro Takahashi of LSD March and, formerly, Keiji Haino's legendary Fushitsusha. There have to be more terms in Japanese for "devastating" and "pummeling" and "assault" to describe what happens here, but unfortunately there are only so many words in Webster's Rock Journalism Dictionary. The other two guitar-drone tracks are some serious pools of sonic magma, reminding listeners exactly why Junzo was such a logical pairing with the one and only Hiroshi Hasegawa AKA Astro for their 2006 collaboration as Astral Traveling Unity.

Eight-Sided Infinity is out now on Plank's Plan.

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