Dum Dum Zine Launches Kickstarter for New Issue

Although Ad Hoc's home is primarily online, we identify with the modes or journalism that took root from zine culture. We feel it's important for us to take a minute and give kudos to other publications that exemplify that DIY ethos.

Dum Dum Zine is a Los Angeles-based, home-grown mag striving for a new, experimental production of the literary, musical, and multimedia variety. It was founded about a year ago by writer Taleen Kalendrian, and features contributions from the likes of Complicated Dance Steps co-founder Christina Gubala, who writes a column of L.A.'s thriving independent record stores. Although they have an online presence, what really makes Dum Dum tick is its innovative print edition. The third installment is a hand-made box, chock full of original writing, music, and visual media entitles Punks and Scholars. It includes an essay by Part Time Punks host Michael Stock on punk rock's failures, an overview of the Los Angeles record store scene by Gubala, a narrative mix tape by Rebekah Weikel, and much more.

You can help out by throwing whatever you can towards Dum Dum's Kickstarter. With a little more than two weeks left, they are at less than half of their $5,000 goal. In return you will get prizes such as a copy of the new issue, admission to their release party, and at the $1,000 level a chance to go on a sea voyage.

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