The Stevens: "Hindsight"

The Stevens:

The Stevens, a Melbourne-based band featuring Twerps drummer Alex MacFarlane on guitar, draw from the tradition of '80's British indie pop and Flying Nun releases. "Hindsight," the first single from their upcoming debut album, A History of Hygiene, almost sounds like a lost McCarthy song. With its jangling guitars and vocals not unlike those of McCarthy's singer, Malcolm Eden, all the song is missing is the sarcastic Marxist subtext. But it's not a big loss though, because the warm organ tone and the swirling harmonies on the track's massive hook distinguish it from other jangle pop. A History of Hygiene follows last year's self-released epoynyomous EP, which is now available as a 7'' through Chapter Music.

A History of Hygiene is out November 1 on Chapter Music.

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