Steve Hauschildt: "Constant Reminders"

Steve Hauschildt: Steve Hauschildt, photo by Leonard Greco

We really like Emeralds here at Ad Hoc, such to the point that we imagine Our Great Leader (congrats 'bout last night, buddy) is a number-one fan and we changed the date of Christmas to the release date of their forthcoming record, Just To Feel Anything.

However, as much enthusiasm as we harbor for them, one of the things that we love most about Emeralds is how each member shines just as brightly even when separate. Whether it was McGuire's Inner Tube record or Eliott's dimension-shifting work as Outer Space, this year proved fruitful for their solo excursions. Now, it's Hauschildt's turn with Sequitur, his follow-up to last year's Tragedy & Geometry. Latest single "Constant Reminders" pulses longingly and melodically, like a lone cyborg singing Maria Minerva to himself in his spaceship, wishing he hadn't outlived his beloved crew. (via Self-Titled)

Sequitur drops November 12th on Kranky.

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