Stargate: "Driving Hyperreality"


There’s a great John Peel quote from the nineties, where, amused by the surging popularity of Squarepusher et al, he quipped “I like the idea of ‘Intelligent Dance Music’, because it forces us to admit that such a thing as unintelligent dance music exists.”

Lorenzo Senni is an Italian man responsible for simply one of the best patterns of sound this year (“albums”, we think the Mercury Music Prize call them) in the not so much mind-blowing as mind-rewiring Quantum Jelly (Editions Mego). He is a man who thinks far too much about dance music. Who thinks about it to a molecular level. He thinks about the quantum theory of dance music, devotes his life to mapping its genome, and then makes records that sound like X-rays of dance music. Sort of. Quantum Jelly, in fact, is almost impossible to put into words - so we won’t bother - we just know that when we listen to it we hear all of music in a slightly different way to how we’ve heard it before. And what more could anyone ask of an album in 2012 than that?? Just listen to it, honestly. (Also, everything is recorded with just one synth one-take with no overdubs! Holy fuck, it’s like he’s ripping the spinal cord out of trance and dangling it in front of our eyes like a crazy, sadistic scientist.)

When Lorenzo records under the Stargate callsign, though, we’re talking same universe, different dimension. We picked this stunning EP up on white one-sided vinyl when Lorenzo hit Cafe Oto with Lichens recently. If you thought we were making Senni sound over-academic and earnest earlier then you’ll be surprised by Stargate’s Hexplore Superfluidity EP - the only Earth adjective that really describes it is ‘lush’. Beautiful, beautiful stripped-down-to-the-bare-atoms techno that sounds like it lives in space. It not so much pulses as breathes. It’s not simply intelligent dance music, it’s sentient. (via 20 Jazz Funk Greats)

Each of the three tracks is an alien world unto itself, but we’re providing Driving Hyperreality as the jump portal. Hundebiss have pressed 300 copies only, so get yours while you still can.

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