Spray Paint: "Rest Versus Rust"

Spray Paint:

"Rest Versus Rust," a new track by Austin minimalist punk outfit Spray Paint, operates as a collage of nuanced layers of uneasiness. The song features a macabre lyrical arc that comes off like a scene in Fargo as filtered through the damaged, dissociative lens of a Faulknerian narrator. Two voices impassively sing from a seemingly singular perspective, upended by bursts of guitar scrapes, tense whirring tones, and a hook that firmly denies us the comfort of a melody. But just because it’s perhaps Spray Paint's darkest song to date, doesn’t mean it forsakes a sense of morbid snark. “You were always such a bitch/back when you could walk/but that’s not why I took a dull axe to your neck,” sing dual frontmen Corey Plump and George Dishner, displaying their sense of black humor, underlined by a barrage of deliberately constructed dissonance.

Their upcoming LP Clean Blood, Regular Acid is out Septmeber 23 on Monofonus Press.

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