Spiritual Cramp Made a Playlist of The California Artists That Inspire Them to Keep Creating

Spiritual Cramp Made a Playlist of The California Artists That Inspire Them to Keep Creating Photo by Tom O'Connell

San Francisco punks Spiritual Cramp are deeply connected to home. You can hear the influence of the original Bay Area punk sound within their songs, which are all honesty and no bullsit. They recently channeled their California roots and made a playlist for AdHoc.  "The people in Spiritual Cramp listen to a ton of different music which comes through in many ways that go beyond our songs," the band told AdHoc. "Inspiration is a funny thing that appears in all kinds of shapes and forms not limited to sound. With that said, here is a playlist of songs from California artists who inspire us to keep creating."

1. Scalped - "Progress"

Michael Bingham: Bay Area spin-kick metal. Got introduced to some really close friends through this band. Most of the members are now doing Primal Rite. 

2. The She's - "Sorry"

Michael Bingham: The She's are a San Francisco staple. People can't believe them. Eva Treadway sometimes plays in Spiritual Cramp. All female rock-and-roll quartet. 

3. Agent Orange - "Bloodstains"

Michael Fenton: The first time I heard this song was on a mixtape my friend Tony made for me my freshman year in high school. The song itself is insane and the production is something I like to reference when working in studio.

4. Tim Armstrong - "Cold Blooded"

Michael Fenton: Although Rancid are probably one of the most well known California punk bands, I absolutely fell in love with Tim Armstrong's “A Poets Life” record. To me it is the epitome of California punk/ska/reggae. Timeless and forward thinking at the same time. It paints pictures in my mind every time I listen through.

5. Special Breed - "Born Again (Demo)"

Stewart Kuhlo: Not a song, but sickened, driving, raw punk demo from M. del Rio of Raspberry Bulbs/Bone Awl & crew. If you don't know, don't bother.

6. Lil B - "I'm God"

Stewart: Low-key one of the most influential (and prolific) artists of the past decade. Pioneered something way beyond SoundCloud rap before SoundCloud rap was a thing. Stylistic innovator on the level of E-40. 

7. The Beach Boys - "Passing By"

Blaine Patrick: The greatest band ever from California, needs no introduction.  

8. The Grateful Dead - "Till The Morning Comes (Live at Winterland 1970)"

Blaine: The third greatest band ever from California.

9. Pardoner - "Pivot Fakie"

Jacob Breeze: Pardoner keeps you thinking outside the box, you never know what's coming next with these boys.

10. Drab Majesty - "Not Just A Name"

Jacob: Best synth-pop band around. Enough said. 

11. The Mermen - "Ocean Beach" and Bl'ast! - "It's In My Blood" 

Max WickhamI'm from out by the beach man, and like, not a nice beach either. A real shitty beach. Needles, fog, wind, cold, a shitty sand bar. Both these tracks are coast tracks, as in, from the coast. Where I'm from. They're dark, brooding, and fucked. "Ocean Beach" is a road to nowhere from an SF band of out by the beach Acid Heads. "It's In My Blood" plods along, lamenting the fact that we're doomed unless we change. It's a crazy thing to be from the beach bro.

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