Solar Year: "Seeing the Same (Jensen Sportag Remix Down)"

Solar Year:

The lads at Solar Year have increasingly peppered their ambient pop stew with more intriguing influences, most notably the uptick of R&B-indebted drums and morphing, tectonic ambient backdrops. The formula has been a success: the more the duo throws into the kitchen sink, the more lasting effect their tunes have. Solar Year reached out to another duo, the equally dish pit, Sade-obsessed kids in Nashville's Jensen Sportag, which comes off as a sound, logical move. Sportag, whose backbone is like a midnight carnival of blue-eyed soul and sad bastard indie pop, took two stabs at Solar Year's spring single "Seeing the Same," one a reportedly "Up" version and this one, the "Down" version. As the word implies, Sportag's take is a much more subdued, awkwardly sensual listen, picking around the edges of the original cut and leaving a skeletal jam in its wake.

The Jensen Sportag series are a two-parter, with "Down" up for grabs below. "Up" will be released sometime in the near future. 

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