Soaker Go Full Throttle On "Sendhi"

Soaker Go Full Throttle On Courtesy of Soaker

On their self-titled debut EP, New York three-piece Soaker channel the jagged abrasion of the amphetamine reptile catalogue. But using an entire label as a springboard to describe a band is like using a person’s place of birth to explain how they came to be who they are. Like, for instance, I was born in Los Angeles. I only lived there for two years, and though I learned some skills that I still use today, like, you know, how to walk and how to speak, I’m not exactly emblematic of a person from LA. Thank God. “Sendhi,” the first track on the four-song EP, is a deceptively catchy noise rock anthem that sounds like the three band members each shotgunned cans full of adrenal glands. Trying to feel tough? You could do a lot worse than spinning this hot slab.

Soaker is out November 4 on Wharf Cat Records.

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