Sean McCann Mixes Musical and Conceptual Art in "Video Singing Score No.3"

Sean McCann Mixes Musical and Conceptual Art in

Los Angeles-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Sean McCann is working on something big—as if he's trying to redesign music from scratch, using classical music methods as a foundation. His upcoming double LP, entitled Music for Public Ensemble, is built around a fascinating conceptual framework, spanning a wide array of aesthetic and conceptual ideas, many of them outside the field of music. One of such ideas realized on the album is the "Video Singing Scores," in which the vocalists sing words being shown on the screen in different colors, whereby each color (or hue) dictates a different pitch. But this is just a tip of an iceberg: concept-wise, this album, made together with McCann's numerous friends (Ian William Craig, Andrew Chalk, Graham Lambkin, Cameron Stallones, and many, many more) is truly a mine of ideas—a lot of which take the lyrics from McCann's book Pacificsthat itself blurs the line between poetry and prose.

Music for Public Ensemble is out November 11 on Recital.

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