Scott and Charlene's Wedding: "Gammy Leg"

Scott and Charlene's Wedding:

With "Gammy Leg," a track from their recent Night-People split with Peak Twins, Scott and Charlene's Wedding prove to be a cut above talented Aussie contemporaries and far apart from the suburban, feel-good boredom of so many other bands whose guitars "jangle". Over the twang of three chords and Santiago-simple guitar leads, a wacky dark comedy unfolds about a regular joe who busts his leg on the clock at a steady construction job. The main character tosses off details with a slacker's deadpan, casually mumbling grim details like "and then I fell into a hole," and "blood was pissing everywhere out of my leg," alongside genuine concerns like "wonder if it's gonna heal?" It's as catchy, hilarious, and bleak as a summer day gone awry.

The Peak Twins / Scott and Charlene's Wedding Split LP is out now on Night-People, and you can catch the band Friday night at Cake Shop in New York. 

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