Saa: "Against Interpretation"


Of all those things that the British just know how to do so much better than anyone else-- in terms of music-- is their knack for immensely compelling female vocalist/cutting edge producer collaborations. Such combinations have always been most striking, especially with the seemingly effortless ability to turn put a perfect pop song without at all comprimising on the forward-thinking production end. Examples for this claim are countless; now, add to that impressive list Saa, a duo recently formed by Old Apparatus member A. Levitas and singer Linn Carin Dirdal. To call their first three tracks 'promising' would be an understatement-- everything sounds well-considered and strikingly confident. Dirdal's vocal delivery is gorgeous, and behind the knobs and screens, Levitas brings to mind the brilliance of last year's Old Apparatus release Alfur-- the second EP of the group's trilogy that was credited to him. Just as with his elusive collective, the production's overall tone is dark and melancholic, with wide-ranging influences from post-rock to trip-hop, R&B, and contemporary UK bass, with highly convincing results. --via No Fear Of Pop

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