Russian Tsarlag Lulls and Bewitches On "Along The Way"

Russian Tsarlag Lulls and Bewitches On Photo by Jane Chardiet

Carlos Gonzales is prolific. Like, really prolific. Over more than a decade, Carlos has channeled images and storylines devoted to the the uncanny, the monstrous, and the humorous, both as his solo project Russian Tsarlag and as a comic artist. Sprinkled through the unwritten laws of his multi-faceted oeuvre is a sort of dream logic—puns and loose associations become the axes of surreal narrative. On Unexplained American Goat, his newest full-length as Russian Tsarlag, Gonzales nods to his world-building prowess, showcasing an original soundtrack to a gray planet spinning almost entirely in the wake of one-note basslines and earnest, melancholy rumination. Unexplained American Goat boasts minimal orchestration and adornment, but Gonzales’s music has never sounded more somnambulant, as he drifts in and out of reality, the divine, and the deeply subconscious.

Unexplained American Goat is out October 14 on Wharf Cat Records

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