Rick Weaver: "KO's Obit"

Rick Weaver:

Rick Weaver (Form a Log, Dinner Music) has some strange sewage seeping out of his mind; his music imbibes an odd cacophonous mixture of sonically rendered bliss and attention to compositional ingenuity. His talents extend past the aural plane and into the visual as he has been creating some equally warped videos to accompany his music. "KO's Obit" is a continuation in the Black Medicine cycle, following "Mortal Wound" and "Black Medicine". It exists as a mutation of the Cups saga, conceived by Bridget Venuti, Adam Keith, and Rick Weaver, as well as a variation on The Buoy Room, a talk show created by Megan Hollenbeck, Bridget Venuti, Evan Lipson, and Weaver in Chattanooga.

"KO's Obit" is a track off of Rick Weaver's split cassette with Spiritual Recess. Weaver's voice is smoothly drifting and his words outstretched over whacked out melodies. Globs of thick gelatinous matter are wiped all over Cups (Adam Keith), whose face is being reshaped and transformed. There is this eerie serial killer vibe going on, as body parts are grotesquely disfigured and strange ritualized behaviors ensue. The music picks up into a turbulent frenzy and things start to get unruly with KO (Rick Weaver) writhing on the floor naked, his face covered in a white ooze. The video ends with KO's image on a television screen dancing naked in front of a microphone. 


Rick Weaver/Spiritual Recess are self releasing their split tape and it will be available from Weaver on his tour with Form a Log.



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