Rick Weaver Shares a Satisfyingly Cryptic Video for "KOs Mask"

Rick Weaver Shares a Satisfyingly Cryptic Video for

Rick Weaver returns with an immaculate full length, Blue Skya rigorously far-out pop album floating in a space of its own. Weaver crafts contorted song structures that get stuck in your head while simultaneously causing a vestigial reflex. Blue Sky is a children's story set in a mythological wild west that was introduced on Weaver's album Tomb of Comb a few years ago. Mesmerizing harmonic textures surge erratically, while Weaver's poetic lyrics conjure visions of a demented world cursed by violence and injustice. Continuing as a prequel to his last video, "KOs Obit", the video for "KOs Mask" is bizarre and profoundly mystifying. Weaver's visual language is deeply cryptic and inconspicuous. A painted face with a subtly shifting expression stares into the camera. The creeping transitions that occur in the video are a departure from Weaver's manic approach to songwriting. Hanging in a state of anticipation, the video creates an unnerving sensation of confusion and an unrequited resolution.

Blue Sky is out now on Haord Records.

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