Shattered Shards + PVRE MATRIX: "_HD Acid"

Shattered Shards + PVRE MATRIX:

Shattered Shards-- the freeform, visual collab curated by wayfaring Brooklyn souls Matthew Caron and Rebecca Gaffney-- is less of a directorial excursion than a freeform video jam session. No more clearly is this seen in their spastic, claustrophobic visuals for Brooklyn's PVRE MATRIX (a.k.a. Daniel Moore). Taken from a set at La Sala, the video is built upon on a frenetic display of glitched video feedback, whip pans around the venue, and mirrored, kaleidoscopic original footage that's all attack ano no release, a sound match for PM's tightly coiled, tension-riddled version of industrial music.

Gaffney created a half month long installation (or total mindfuck) at Brooklyn's Fitness Center for Art and Tactics in Bushwick entitled SPUN O LITH starting March 1. Aiming to create a sort of audio/visual endurance test, the installation will feature a nightly changing environment built of reflective and found materials consisting of whatever happened to be on the corner on the way to the venue, in addition to multiple cameras being interacted with within the reflective performance space.The opening showcase on March 1 will feature performances with PVRE Matrix, Sasha Desree, Purity Control, and more with additional shows curated by Gaffney through March 15. Full details are available here.


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