Prince Rama's Taraka Larson Interviews Iasos

Prince Rama's Taraka Larson Interviews Iasos

There are few men out there who can say that they heard synthesized music before the synth was ever invented. Still fewer can claim writing the score to what people hear when they die-- or knowing what it is like to be both a man and a woman. Iasos can do all of the above. When I met with him in Brooklyn last week, prior to his Body Actualized-curated New York debut, I was as skeptical as I would be with anyone whose name conjures such a cloud of controversial claims.

But whether you’re a believer or non-believer, being in the presence of someone whose spiritual belief system, personal cosmology, daily meditation, and musical practice are so interwoven is nothing short of awe-inspiring. And when that hailed grandfather of New Age music can kick back and laugh about coffee and women amidst acoustic levitation and hollow earth theories, Iasos demonstrates that it is also possible to be both "time architect" and human being, which is perhaps one of the most controversial ideas surrounding him to date. Read on for some excerpts from our hour-and-half-long conversation, which will be published in full this Spring in issue one of the Ad Hoc zine.


Iasos: We are now talking and it is 10:47, April 26. We’re in Bushwick, Brooklyn. New York, Earth, physical dimension, and I’m with Taraka.

Taraka: So I’m curious about your daily practice.

Iasos: Well I do TM: Transcendental Meditation. I make a strong cup of Uben instant freeze dried coffee, and I have it next to me, and I put in my ear plugs and do my meditation. And then when my meditation’s finished, without opening my eyes, I reach over to the coffee, I drink it, and that catapults me like a multistage rocket, stage 2, and BAM! From that exalted state-- from both the meditation and the coffee-- I visualize how I want my life to be that day. Then I come out, and BLAM! I do whatever I want to do.

Taraka: And do you use sound when you’re visualizing? What do you listen to during your meditation?

Iasos: Nothing. I put in earplugs. To me the whole point of meditation is going within, which means blocking out all external stimuli. I don’t need music to get calm; I’m already calm when I choose to be.

Taraka: I guess in order to be made, sound first needs empty space to resonate.

Iasos: Well, it’s like a painter. With paintings you have images emerging from blackness-- light emerging from black. Likewise, music emerges from silence, which is why if you go to an opera or a classical orchestra, before they begin, there’s total silence. So that the music can emerge from that.


Taraka: How many measured dimensions have there been counted so far?

Iasos: It’s arbitrary. Different people have different schemes. But when you really understand that God is infinite, and that the universe is therefore infinite, there’s no upper limit to how many dimensions there are. No matter how high you go there are still an infinite number of dimensions higher. It’s an open game. God created it to be unlimited: no upper limit.

Taraka: Is there a lower limit?

Iasos: Well, they say the first dimension is rocks. The second dimension would be sort of like plant consciousness. So you can think of it in terms of rocks being on one end of the spectrum-- you know minerals, consciousness-- and going up from there. You know, it’s like emotions, it’s an infinite range. But on one end of the range, you can only go as low as zero frequency, that’s it. Zero frequency is being frozen in fear. You stop breathing when you’re frozen in fear.

Taraka: You die.

Iasos: You don’t die, but your temporaries shut down while you’re in that state. If you stay there you die, but most people don’t stay in that frequency. Maybe you’re frozen in fear because you think you’re going to die. So negative emotions are a limited range. It’s from melancholy and sadness all the way down to things like anger, hate, jealousy, revenge, all the way down to being frozen in fear. That’s a limited range. But from melancholy, as soon as you get a little higher than that in frequency, then you start to feel good. Then it goes happiness, joy, ecstasy, rapture, and it keeps going way, way up. So that’s an infinite, unlimited range. So negative emotions are a very finite, limited range. Positive emotions, an infinite, open-ended range. 

Taraka: That’s good to know.

Iasos: Well the thing is emotions happen in octaves. An octave higher means twice the frequency, [whereas] half the frequency is an octave lower. Well, emotions can work with octaves also. So you can have the emotion of gladness-- “I’m glad”--, an octave higher-- “I’m happy,”-- have an octave higher, joy, an octave higher, ecstasy, an octave higher rapture, an octave higher-- we don’t have a word for that because humans don’t go there. We really don’t have words for it. If you go two octaves higher than that, then you’re in the range where angels cruise all the time. We don’t have words for it. So one of the functions of my music is to familiarize people with higher harmonious versions of harmonious motions they’re already familiar with. Higher octave versions of love, higher octave versions of gratitude, higher octave versions of joy, ecstasy, rapture. Once they’re introduced to it, they can go there without the music. The music’s like temporary training wheels. But once they’re introduced to it, they don’t need the music anymore to get there. But if they forget, they can use the music to remind them.

Taraka: It’s a reminder of inner music…

Iasos: It’s a reminder of inner emotional states. And music helps induce a particular emotional state. And once you get there, you don’t need the music to get to those states.

Taraka: How do you start going up the octaves? What would you tell someone who’s trapped in this position of fear? What would you tell them to help them up?

Iasos: The best way to deal with fear is this: you have to understand that at any given moment what you’re feeling is the result of what you’re believing. So if you’re feeling something you wish you weren’t feeling-- like fear, for example-- you ask yourself, “What must I be believing right now to make me feel fear right now?” Once you get in touch with that belief, then you need to own it-- to say, “I don’t want to admit it, but I do admit it, that is my belief.” And once you admit it to yourself, ask, “What belief would I like to replace it with?” “I live in a safe universe and no one is going to knock down that door and shoot me with a pistol. I live in a safe universe.” Now you can say you believe that and it’s not actually going to change your feelings, but if you actually shift your beliefs, instantly your feelings shift. Because at any given instant, your emotions are always what you’re believing in that instant. So the microsecond you change your belief, that same microsecond, your feelings are changing. So that’s the best way to deal with fear. Use it as a tool to get in touch with the disempowering beliefs that don’t serve you and replace them with empowering beliefs that do.

Taraka: You think it’s the beliefs that cause feelings, the result, and not the other way around?

Iasos: No. How it actually happens is the causal change is this: you believe something that causes you to attract a kind of experience in your reality, because beliefs are like magnets, pulling in versions of reality. If you believe “everyone hates me,” you’ll attract experiences that verify, sure enough, "everyone hates me." If you believe “everyone loves me,” sure enough you’ll attract experiences [where] everyone loves you. What you believe attracts experiences. So, you have a belief that causes you to attract a particular experience, then you interpret what you’re perceiving, which again is the result of your belief. Then you emotionally react to it. Then you have thoughts about that. Then you act. So that’s the causal chain. Belief, attracting experience, perception of the experience, interpretation of that experience, feelings-- emotionally reacting to it---then thoughts about it, and then action.


Taraka: At what point did you feel that you started getting guidance from other dimensions?

Iasos: Good question, I dont know, maybe um 1969? But whenever I get something like that, it’s so loud and clear. Here’s an extreme example: once I was visiting my relatives in Athens, Greece, and one night I figured I would like to see the Flaka area, the night club area. So I went down and I sat down and I had some Turkish coffee at Café Turtigo. It was very lively and there were a lot of couples there, just schmoozing and having a good time. And you can see the Parthenon lit up at night, and it was such a gorgeous sight, all the floodlights were pointing at it and it just looked like a temple floating in the sky at about this angle-- maybe 40 degrees up. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I start hearing this goddess voice speaking in my mind saying, “Go to the Parthenon NOW”. So I did.

Taraka: Did you ever find out who it was?

Iasos: No. I still don’t know who it was.

Taraka: Has that voice ever come back?

Iasos: No, not that one. All I know was that it was some female goddess consciousness. I love goddesses.

Taraka: Tell me more about your relationship with goddesses.

Iasos: Man oh man! That’s a... how much time do you got?

Taraka: I’m curious!

Iasos: One time, I went to visit a friend with my girlfriend of the time and a lot of trippy things happened. My girlfriend was gorgeous-- a total goddess-- and [my friend] was so impressed by my girlfriend that she said to her, “I’d like to videotape you talking about what it means to be a goddess.” So she turned on the camera and she couldn’t say anything. She radiated being a goddess, but she couldn’t say anything, and then she turned the video camera off and I said, “Gee you should video tape me... I have a lot to say on that.” And then they dressed me up and… it was so wild…

Taraka: Pictures?

Iasos: Yeah, I have to show you… I had some toga on, bare chested and tripped-out, and I talked for like 12 minutes. This was after I had the experience being a female soul, being a goddess.

Taraka: Being a female? What was your experience being a female?

Iasos: I was once in a very exalted state-- a heightened state of consciousness-- and during that time I was practicing a special love meditation I had developed myself… If I were to send love to you, I would aim my heart at you and blast like a cannon-- a love cannon. So then I figured what if I want to send love to myself? Where am I going to aim it? So then I figured I’d create a love mirror and create an angle where the love will just bounce back to me. So I did the exercise with the love meditation, where love from my heart bounces back to me, and the love energy inside me was accumulating, and pretty soon I realized that it’s in this egg-shape aura, and then I get the sense that it’s getting too strong for me, and the energy keeps on getting thicker and thicker and thicker and then, Bam! Ignition! It was as if a trap door underneath me opened up and this energy came around and swirled around my body and it was the female aspect of me. It’s as if she came up from underneath. She circled around me, and you’d think that she’d been trapped down there for so long that she’d be really angry at me, but she was only loving me! It was like the only way a man could ever dream of being loved, and she became me, and I can’t tell you what a strange experience that was.

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