Diamond Version: "Shift the Future"

Diamond Version was formed after German DJ/producers Byetone and the extremely prolific Alva Noto (both co-founders of the veteran electronic/industrial label Raster-Noton) shared decks after performing solo, formed a tight-knit collective and a plethora of shared ideas. "Shift the Future", taken from their November 26th release EP2, might be the strongest example of what Noto calls their "special kind of energy" to date. The tune is a concise banger, an addictive take on dark, industral house music akin to comtemporaries Andy Stott and Blawan, in addition to Raster-Noton contributors Coil and Taylor Deupree. The video for "Shift the Future" is appropriately simple: a series of imploding, choreographed LED lights while the music breathes.

Diamond Version are eventually going to be releasing five EPs of material. Their first EP, Technology at the Speed of Life: Empowering Change is out now, with EP2 due on November 26th on Mute. 

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