Pow Pow Family Band's All Right is a Psychedelic Indie Pop Trip

Pow Pow Family Band's All Right is a Psychedelic Indie Pop Trip Photography by Jordan Corso.

Pow Pow Family Band draws on a variety of influences. Frontman Miles Robbins grew up with the constant hum of folk music, and told i-D that he initially bonded with bandmate Nara Shin because of their mutual admiration for LCD Soundsystem’s This Is Happening. Penned during his time as a student at Brown University, their debut record is a psychedelic reflection on the confusing period of your early 20s, blending keyboards, echoing guitar, and french horn into an album that makes the disparate feel coherent and shows us that things are, in fact, all right.

"All Right is a collection of stories about the space I found myself occupying in my early twenties," Robbins told AdHoc via email. "It was a period of discovery that contained a myriad of wonderful fleeting moments. Optimism, cynicism, love, and heartbreak took turns sleeping under my pillow. 'All Right' is a phrase which expresses to me in two words a part of the natural order that I find comforting—that energy is conserved, and that with every loss there is a relative gain. The Family Band is a spectacular group of friends and collaborators who I have worked with since that time to translate these stories and provide additional instrumental accompaniment to the narrative."

All Right is out via Modern Sky USA on 2/9. You can catch Pow Pow Family Band perform with Cotillon and Navy Gangs at Park Church Co-op on Feburary 10

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