Pigeons: "Summer for Mary Ann"


The first time I encountered Pigeons I was less than impressed. Years ago, in an opening slot at Issue Project Room, the group's meandering, tuneless compositions and buried vocals did little for me: art rock that was neither artful nor rocking. Fast forward five years and the group have a mesmerizing new album, The Bowerdue on MIE next month. Recorded in the time-tested upstate New York mellow intimacy setting, standout tracks like the penultimate "Summer for Mary Ann" condense the essence of a languid sunny afternoon into a five-minute paean to the best of those dog days. Wednesday Knudsen's gorgeous, plainspoken lilt unfurls over entrancing, expansive guitar patterns, and curative percussion flourishes.

The Bower is released May 25 on MIE music, and the group have a couple of upstate shows scheduled to celebrate.

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