PHORK Deconstructs Dance Music on "We All Make Out (A Living)"

PHORK Deconstructs Dance Music on

PHORK has been deconstructing dance music for quite some time, with an extensive catalog of enigmatic releases on labels such as NNA Tapes, Opal Tapes, Noumenal Loom, and Orange Milk Records. PHORK's latest release Disappear in Raveland, out on Time No Place is a brilliantly conceived world, cultivating an atmosphere of floating dissections that mutate beyond pre-established understandings of music.  "We All Make Out (A Living)" is a perpetually shifting physical training session. Shedding layers like exoskeletons, everything tapers in and out of focus like a distant memory, slowly inching its way back into your consciousness. Oscillations dart in all directions, colliding into harmoniously skewed rhythms. PHORK builds a disorienting wall of absurdity that feels strangely familiar.

Disappear in Raveland is out now on Time No Place.

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