Phoebe Kiddo: "When The Soul Lies Down"

Phoebe Kiddo:

That "When The Soul Lies Down" begins with a fragmented and seemingly out-of-place take on traditional drum & bass ends up making a lot of sense, largely because the Berlin-based Phoebe Kiddo uses just about every trick in the proverbial book over the course of this one song. The break between the brief d&b intro and the round, pulsing minimal synth patterns that fill out the rest of the track is its most noticeable rupture-- but smaller divergences in style and mood pervade the song throughout. Drawing from trip-hop, house, and dark wave in equal measure, Kiddo creates a sound that's simultaneously icy and murky, skittering forwards seamlessly despite its deep surface-level fractures.

This track will appear on her upcoming LP, Artefacts of Broken Dreams, out September 24 on Non Projects.

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