Patrick Higgins of Zs Shares "Flowery" Cut from Recent NNA Release

Patrick Higgins of Zs Shares

Both as a member of Zs and a composer in his own right, Patrick Higgins makes rigorously experimental music. Social Death Mixtape, which collects a mix of personal experimentations from 2009 to the present day, demonstrates the depth and variety of the New York City-based musician’s boundary-dissolving work as a composer and performer. Electronic freakouts (“Erotic Apocalypse”) sit next to violin explorations (“Curves, Points, Lines”) and pieces that combine the two into dissonant, droning soundscapes (“Live At Oberlin”).  “The Language of Flowers” demonstrates a dexterous liquidity not unlike that of classical composer Lubomyr Melnyk, but Higgins applies his technical skill to discontinuous music-- music that interrupts itself. His guitar work darts and swerves around unsteady percussion. The arrangement is oblique, inwardly turned, and evocative, like the practice of floriography from which the song takes its name.

Social Death Mixtape is out now on NNA Tapes.

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