Patrick Higgins: "Wind Tunnel (Glacia Excerpt)"

Patrick Higgins:

Call it a miscegination of high and low culture, call it a sign of the times-- Patrick Higgins truthfully inhabits the personas of both shredder and composer. We're talking shredder in the Yngwie/Satch paradigm, even though his quotiont of cheese is practically non-existant. While on the six-string, he accompanies Zs and was lauded by Premiere Guitar Magazine (should we rename our site Premiere Underground Blog?) as one of the best axemen of 2013. So you would figure that "composer" in this context would imply haughty guitar music, and you'd be dead wrong. Higgins is a legit modern classical entity, going as far as to start the vinyl lablel Ex Cathedra to release such sounds. One of the first releases on that label will be his own String Quartet No.2 + Glacia, a recording of said diatonic-to-microtonal string piece recorded by the Mivos Quartet, accompanied by an electronic reworking of the recording. This excerpt from Glacia sees the strings gradually lose their form as instruments, devolving into chirps and scrapes as frequencies are manipulated and bled dry.

String Quartet No.2 + Glacia is out November 12 as a co-release between Words+Dreams and Higgins' Ex Cathedra. The string piece will next be performed in Manhattan on October 4.

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