Pariuh Share Frenetic, Crushing "Humiliated and Insulted"

Pariuh Share Frenetic, Crushing

A soft whisper of “You’re so stupid” opens the first song on the debut full-length from Pariuh (stylized as Pari∀h), and a segment from a tape on the process of dying closes it out. It’s this pairing of irreverence with a close, actual attendance to existential matters that makes Chris Dougnac and company’s music so pleasantly confused. Living in Boston, Dougnac produced cool, grainy synth experiments with harshed pop vocal melodies and spiraling arrangements that elicit videogame flashbacks. “Humiliated and Insulted” from Pariuh’s first LP Passed Lives' Excessive Future is an explosion of the sound Dougnac has developed over the years—it sees the now-Miami-based trio of Dougnac, Krystle Lee Bruise, and Jayan Bertrand warming up to something more fleshed-out and frenetic than before. Initially hedging on dream pop with its combo of bright guitar and unrelenting basslines, the song is immediately catchy—but rather than ride the melody out Pariuh cut into wormhole after psychedelic wormhole. All of the remaining turns are sudden and crushing, simultaneously hyper-fun and hyper-serious in their intensity; it's apt that the record should loosely center on the story of a runner hurtling breathlessly into a future where death is inevitable.

Passed Lives' Excessive Future is out August 26 on Moniker. Pre-order it now.

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