Pangea: "River"


Pangea rose up out of nowhere with a great record last year on Burger that mixed an aesthetic that wrangled in the fury of Ty Segall with an earnest, croak-throated pop that brought to mind the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and Strange Boys. This new EP picks up where their Living Dummy LP left off and brims with fuzz-addled garage while the band moves closer to the Segall/Jay Reatard end of the songwriting spectrum. This teeth-clenching, burnt tasseled display of white-knuckle pop possesses a combination of American indie spiritualism and self-made renaissance, making Killer Dreams a defiant step forward.

Pangea's Killer Dream EP is available now from Ghostbot and Lauren Records. You can also stream the Living Dummy LP in its entirety courtesy of Burger Records.

Tagged: Breaking, Pangea
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