Pan•American: "Project For an Apartment Building"


Mark Nelson redefined American post-rock in the '90s with the underappreciated Labradford, and continues to pen exciting new additions to the drone/ambient canon via Pan•American. Cloud Room, Glass Room is Pan•American's first album in four years, and sees the addition of percussionist Steven Hess, providing that intangible human element that keeps largely electronic compositions from feeling too cold. The result is a new rhythmic muscle that could whet the whistle of fans of the presumably assimilated-by-the-Borg Boards of Canada. Lead track, "Project For an Apartment Building," features a muted yet fervent percussive backbone only a couple of steps removed from classic jungle breaks, while pulsing, cycling aquatic synth melodies swirl about, in almost mathematical fashion-- a canvernous and monlothic sonic space. Evoking images of distant lights and hypnagogic states, Pan•American offers up one of the best, most aerodynamic late night meditation anthems of the year.

Cloud Room, Glass Room is out April 29 from the good folks at Kranky. (via The Decibel Tolls)

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