Operator Crafts Resonant Pop From Homemade Synths On "Bebop Radiohaus"

Operator Crafts Resonant Pop From Homemade Synths On

Building your own instruments is a labor of love. In our world of instant gratification, sheer utility drives musicians to work with pre-set settings. Embracing a DIY ethos, Operator shun the modern convention: their new 7'' Matérielmusik was recorded at Gravesend Studios in The Silent Barn by the band's own Dara Hirsch and a portion of their stock of effects pedals was supplied by in-house tinkerer, Jared Hiller. With pulsating synths and unrelenting drumming, Operator produce resplendent pieces of Krautrock fandom that flaunt their ability to balance motoric build-ups with chaotic moments of release. "Bebop Radiohaus" channels these ideas in full force as tempered crescendos guide the track from an art-punk poetry reading to free-form jam in three and a half minutes.

Matérielmusik is out Febrauary 19th on New Professor Music

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