Ohbliv: "Rilla"


The East Coast beat scene has been going through a small, centralized revival as of late. We've already spilt some words onto you about Philadelphia's Altered Ego and FLOTE, but the main man and locale at the center is still Ohbliv and the new blood (KVZE, Tuamie) in Richmond, VA. What's remarkable about Ohbliv--besides his extremely prolific release schedule-- is that he's been churning out tunes on the same setup for at least 10 years: a battle-scarred Roland 404 and a portable Numark turntable. There's a tone and a relaxed fade from the Numark on cuts like "Rilla", turning Ohbliv's soul samples into a meditative drone, while sharpening his often killer rim-snare combos. Just watch that intro if you're currently punching the clock.

All the above Richmond natives will be playing 285 Kent, Brooklyn alongside Knxwledge and Time Wharp on March 22.

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