Nü Sensae: "Swim"

During the introductory fuss of Nü Sensae's "Swim," when drummer Daniel Pitout furiously rolls out on his toms and frontwoman Andrea Lukic lets out her first bloodcurdling banshee screech, you get the feeling that you've just been kicked over the pier and forced to tread cruel waters. The Vancouver outfit are your laughing-yet-grimacing assailants, mocking you with hyper-speed, chromatic fuzz akin to a punk rock Jaws theme. The video is directed by newly added guitarist Brody McKnight, and portrays a grungy, home-brewed fog fest that lurks in the same sinister middle ground as the track: the stone-faced, apocalypse rock 'n' roll of X's Los Angeles meets the close-to-the-edge, mirror-breaking thrash of Nirvana's In Utero.

"Swim" is off their forthcoming album Sundowning, which drops August 7 on Suicide Squeeze

Tagged: Breaking, Nü sensae
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