NOIA Shares "Nostalgia Del Futuro", Announces EP

NOIA Shares

Brooklyn-based, Barcelona-bred artist Gisela Fulla-Silvestre produces pristine electronic-pop under the moniker NOIA. In advance of Habits, her debut EP due out this fall via Cascine, she's shared "Nostalgia Del Futuro",  a majestic example of her skills as both producer and singer. "‘Nostalgia Del Futuro’ is about the recurring and destructive feeling so many of us have of idealizing the future as a perfect place that we’re constantly striving for, but never actually reaching." Fulla-Silvestre told Gorilla Vs. Bear. The track succeeds in crafting an idyllic atmosphere of bouncing, clean tones as Fulla-Silvestre's cool vocal glides over the defined production. Invoking the longing and discontent that she'd intended, the cut works its way through etherial moments of calm punctuated by moving, four-on-the-floor drops. 

Habits drops 10/14 on Cascine. NOIA plays Trans-Pecos 10/13 with Southern Shores, Soft Ethic & Lemonade (DJ). 

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