No Intention: "Good Intentions"

No Intention:

What sounds like a warped ice cream truck gives way to an early Mute Records-style beat that doesn't go away-- sharp, minimal, cut first by the sound of a tape recorder being turned on, the resultant hiss, then a male voice. The voice is No Intention, a.k.a. Allen Mozek of Philadelphia-based dada-noise duo, Good Area (whose few mysterious recent releases have justifiably captured our attention and others'). That tape recorder click is perhaps the first clue that this piece concerns itself with its own making, and Mozek's musings are similarly metamusical and metacritical. But the otherwise semi-cerebral language simplifies past the halfway mark: "How is this different from Good Area? Is there more or less tape delay?" Mozek asks. "Where's Gabi [the other member of Good Area]? In the other room, so I can record this to tape and send it off to Matthias [who runs I Dischi Del Barone]." The music and words are obtuse, sure, but there's a playfulness here-- however self-aware-- that's nicely reminiscent of D. Boon talking about hanging with his pal Mike Watt on Double Nickels on the Dime.

Good Intentions / Material Dilemma is out now on the new Swedish label, I Dischi Del Barone, whose other release is a cool new 7" by Idea Fire Company.

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