Nickelus F: "Dirty Street Level Shit"

Nickelus F:

Richmond rhymer Nickelus F collaborates with one of his home city's finest producers and Lil' Ugly Mane "collaborator" (wink, wink) Shawn Kemp on "Dirty Street Level Shit." Breezes of sweet bass blow through high-up chimes and smoke trails of electric keyboard; a tightened, brisque drum kit cruises through shifty echoes of a quick-cut ad lib dub. Nickel doesn't do much different-- still smart alecky and smoking heaping mountains of weed-- but Kemp's slick production makes "D.S.L.S" a cut above by accentuating his F's effortlessness.

Nickelus F has a mixtape, Vices, that's due to drop before the end of January. Unforunately, "Dirty Street Level Shit" won't be on it.

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