Nerftoss: "Future and Co"


As it turns out, Baltimore-bred sample alchemist Nerftoss (aka John Jones) was playing a pretty devious, long game when he posted his Orienation Mix last summer. The 32 minute affair was delightfully bizarre, bouncing between dulcet drones and endearing outsider folk, but the selections served as a manifesto for the up and coming producer's sound. "Future and Co," taken from his February debut on Leaving Records, takes the pallette from that mix and serves it sunny side up, beginning with wandering horn samples before nudging its way into a blend of rusted acoustics and an increasingly creepy lullaby sung by school children from a place unknown. Up until this tune, the only material from Jones was a deft reworking of "Found" from fellow homie and Ad Hoc favorite Ahnnu's World Music, but "Future and Co" points towards there being more to Nerftoss than just being an expert crate digger and kindred spirit.

Spirit Advantage drops February 18 on Leaving, and will be available on CS and digital.

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