Nerftoss: "Dream of Pennies"


Making tunes weird and gorgeous seems no small for one John Jones, the Baltimore resident who strums a few bars in Dope Body by day, and operates as Nerftoss on the side. Nerftoss first emerged on our radar last year, and his debut release-- Spirit Advantage on Leaving Records-- provided a subtly addictive balance, mining pleasant ambiance and the deepest corners of his folk and jazz crates. The comparison to his homie ahnnu was justified, but with “Dream of Pennies,” Jones decided to take a third, previously unexplored option. Described by the man himself as “making a fictional band,” “Pennies” proceeds to do just that, taking micro-sized samples and sculpting them into a kraut-surf groove, slowly building to a swell as the tune tuckers itself out. As a bonus, there's also puppies.

Nerftoss' latest release, Maiden Powers, is out November 18 on LP and digital via Ehse

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