MV + EE: "Sweet Sure Gone"

MV + EE:

“Sweet Sure Gone” comes on about five or six minutes into side one of the new MV+EE album, Space Homestead, and it shifts the record into a nice low buzz. The vocals drive it-- the “sweet sure gone” refrain has a long-high emphasis on the sweet. It feels like the last number of an epic night, everybody gathered around a drum kit in a warm living room somewhere in the Northeast, candles burned almost all the way down, playing slowly, softly, and singing sweetly. In fact, it was recorded in four living rooms– Honey House, Maximum Arousal Farm, Buttermilk Falls, and Inner Mountain– and the folks gathered around the hearth were Matt Valentine, Erika Elder, Mick Flower, Mongoose, John Moloney, Jeremy Earl and Rafi Bookstaber. They all sound like they know each other real well.

Matt Valentine told me the new album “came outta DIY. It’s a cool place to pan for some precious heaviness in the continuum. It’s what you see after you've smoked the stash.” Looks pretty good from down here.

Space Homestead is out now on Woodsist.
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