Morri$: "Ladyboy"


After listening to him develop over time-- DJing Boiler Room, playing Night Slugs' BEMF 2012 showcase, producing for NY rapper Le1f-- Kansas-based producer Morri$'s lane in the Night Slugs' proverbial ars nova of dance statement seems to be the still-simmering "trap" revival. Recent upload "Ladyboy" is among his most sophisticated, arguing a strong case for the admittedly ridiculous "GOOMBAWAVE" tag being more than a meeting ground between chill waves and crunk clouds. Jazzy electric keys hover over sub-freq'd kicks while an assortment of synthetic micro-melodies thread themselves around spontaneous percussive spurts. His knack for timing keeps each instrumental entrance a surprise like when, driving under the infinite sky of low-landed Lawrence, KS watching your passenger's hair catch the wind instead of watching the road, you find yourself transfixed and in deep focus on the small, strange clouds in your peripheral.

Not sure what "Ladyboy" might end up being used for, but one of Morri$'s prime summer jams, "White Hood", closes out the just-released second volume of Night Slugs' All Stars compilation.

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