Mo Kolours: "Promise"

Mo Kolours:

Over the course of a year and a half, producer/marauder Mo Kolours has been quietly releasing a very stellar trilogy of EPs that often push boundaries between dub and soulful hip-hop. The lead singles from these EPs have always been one of the more dubbed-out pieces, and his latest cut, "Promise", doesn't break the trend. But what separates "Promise" from the rest is its out-and-out slow jam vibe: this is a track that's almost tailor-made to be played on a hazy sunrise. As a bed of horns sweeten the impending nightfall, MK repeats "I ain't going to break my promise to you" over and over, showing that dub isn't dead yet-- it's just gotten sweeter.

EP3: Tusk Dance will be released on February 24th via One-Handed Music. You can preorder the EP here

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