Mind Over Mirrors: "Live at Issue Project Room"

Mind Over Mirrors:

Jaime Fennelly disappeared for a minute after Peeesseye broke up, fleeing to an island in the Pacific Northwest off the coast of Washington. Well he's back now as Mind Over Mirrors, making chilling, lush harmonium drones and playing 47-minute, choreographed sets. 47 minutes, mind you, is pretty long for a drone set these days. It takes aptitude and no small amount of finesse to make a long ambient set cradle you snuggly in sonics instead of just rocking you to sleep. But as evidenced by last year's Check the Swing, Fennelly has a knack for dynamic drone that induces a euphoria equal parts intellectual and pineal. This set, plucked from his two-night residence at Brooklyn's Issue Project Room last November sees him building the logical long-form extension of his most recent album.

Check the Swing is out now on Hands in the Dark.

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