Matchess: "The Law of Pure Will (The Lamentation of the Greatest Wealth)"


I often lie awake in the still of the night, wondering what is beyond the night sky. From there, I wonder what is beyond our home planet. Then, I imagine what is beyond space. Matchess’s Whitney Johnson is beginning to chip away at the fantasy, providing a very real vision for the psychedelic galaxy of Hawking and Leary. The video “The Law of Pure Will (The Lamentation of the Greatest Wealth),” directed by Jenna Caravello, is a beautifully orchestrated day-glow nightmare of the fifth dimension laying outside the boundaries of the Big Bang. We are projected through the video’s protagonist, lying in the bushes staring up into infinity. With an eerie melody cobbled from midnight UFO landings and the light of imagination, Matchess captures that dreamy state where all our thoughts collide before our eyelids grow heavy and sleep overcomes us. We see stars turns into shapes and the sky change colors as a sea of gazing eyes also projects its feelings onto the ebon canopy. What you learn is as empty as space feels: you are never alone.

Trouble in Mind will release Matchess’ sophomore album, Somnaphoria, June 23.

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