Master: "Remove the Knife"


Diehard is as diehard does, and there's no truer definition of the phrase than one Paul Speckmann, who's been blasting out uncompromising, beyond brutal metal of death for over thirty years now! His main band, Master-- recognized as one of the very first death metal bands-- has returned with a brand-new full-length, their eleventh since 1990's self-titled debut LP. As the world collapses around them and death metal's vintage sound is perverted and weakened by ignorant upstarts, it's good to know that there is and always will be Master to fall back on. The New Elite is due out August 14th on Pulverised Records, and offers up 45 minutes of pummeling, thrashing, churning death metal sickness. We've got "Remove the Knife" stuck below for your listening displeasure. Hail the true masters of death! 

Tagged: Breaking, Master
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