Marreck Shares a Computer-Generated Video for "Yuda"

Marreck Shares a Computer-Generated Video for

Marreck is one of the monikers of Michael Hann, the founder of Reject and Fade. "Yuda" is a standout track from the upcoming 12" on Alien Jams of the same name, which marks the first Marreck release on vinyl. The specificity of the 12" as a physical format, long associated with club and dance music perfectly complements Marreck's "noise techno" aesthetic. However lazily and overused that term may be, the movement is real and there are basements from Brooklyn to Berlin where it wouldn't be hard to imagine "Yuda" crushing. The perfectly uncanny video is provided by Straightola AKA Stephen McLaughlin - a musician in his own right who records under the name An Trinse. Hann had this to say about the video: "I gave Stephen creative license to reflect the mood and texture of the music in any shape or form, [the result is] a visceral, psychedelic exploration of formlessness." 

Yuda is released on Alien Jams September 4th, preorder available now.

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