Mark Dwinell: "Drive"

Mark Dwinell:

Listening to Mark Dwinell is like taking a photo of a growing plant or a building being erected every day for a few years and then watching a timelapse video made of them. What at first appears to progress at no pace at all, suddenly becomes a dynamic process, in which the changes take a dizzying speed and everything is pulsing with dynamism. The just intonation organ experiments of the FORMA frontman take the same path. And the video for "Drive," directed by Matthew Caron, explores the psychedelic, transformative potential of slowly unfolding, tightly sequential electronic music through a lens of an autumn forest, gradually widening the perception of sound and entrancing the listener with a colorful aura while the visuals deform and gain additional layers, as if to unfold emerging hallucinations.

Golden Ratio is out now on Amish Records. Dwinell is playing a record release show on January 31 at Schoolhouse, Brooklyn.

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