Marbeya Sound: "Semantic Drift"

Marbeya Sound:

Mexican City duo Marbeya Sound are a pair that are sidelined between two worlds. Their formation happened serendiptiously in an Acapulco hotel lobby, and the credentials of their influences are only bested by their equipment, which includes a veritable treasure trove of ancient synthesizers, most of them originally hailing from the Soviet Union. The sounds that the pair explore on their forthcoming debut Colonies are split firmly down the middle, with one half being Vangelis-inspired explorative, patient pieces. On the other hand, there's the stuff that built "Semantic Drift." Admittedly, this is a tune that makes no attempt to hide where it came from.

Fans of Can, Neu! and the various offshoots of krautrock will already have plenty to crank the system to here. The touches beyond mere inspiration are what make "Semantic Drift" a surefire bet. The persistent rhythm and windy drones that push the thing forward are a sonic treat, but its the swelling backdrop, the tangical bleeps, and the grounded, funky guitars that really dig in and stick around long after "Drift" drives itself out.

Colonies is out September 24.

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